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The Western Cape in South Africa offers businesses a strategic location as a gateway to Africa and a convenient location for business operations with easy access to other African countries, Europe, and the Middle East. The region has modern infrastructure, including a world-class airport, seaports, and highways, as well as a reliable telecommunications network. Its highly educated and skilled workforce, with access to top universities and technical colleges, ensures businesses have access to a pool of qualified and talented employees. The region’s high quality of life, with a mild climate, beautiful natural scenery, and diverse cultural scene, can attract and retain top talent.



Priya Shukla’s career over the last 17 years has been as a successful creative, digital marketing and advertising professional. Her passion is creative writing, thought pieces and working with people who are interested in collaborating while creating the most memorable journeys.

Priya believes that every person is creative. Our creativity doesn’t have to be in a visual arts medium; sometimes it’s in the creativity of building an infrastructure where others’ thoughts and creativity/ideas come together.

Through her peer support and mindfulness work, Priya is working to support and empower herself and others to understand their superpowers and how to make their dreams a reality through everything they do (hint: it starts from within). Her years of experience in the branding and advertising industry has given her an amazing insight on how to tell stories.

“Successful projects are the culmination of the work of a team. It all comes together beautifully only when there is cohesion. That’s when work and life becomes an interesting journey.”

Priya can be contacted on

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“We are a team of problem solvers. Trends come and go, but our priority is constructing a solid foundation so your business can soar. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and evolve according to the ever-changing global market. By leveraging the multitude of online platforms, we are able to draw on the treasure trove of knowledge of our international experts to make sure your brand grows and succeeds”

Nadd: Group CEO and Chairperson